Coach spotlight

Malcom Glenn

Malcom Glenn is a Hone Coach and an organizational consultant, writer, speaker, and public policy and communications specialist. Malcom has spent his career building partnerships between corporations, nonprofits, and governments, and telling the stories of the impact of that work. Much of his career includes leading projects at some of the world’s most well-known technology companies, and more recently in the startup community—through building and executing change management efforts, educating employees about diversity, equity, inclusion, and culture programs, and working to instill equity into products and services.

Malcom has worked at Uber, leading the company’s policy work related to accessibility and underserved communities, at Google, where he led communications for the company’s Chief Financial Officer and his leadership teams, and at, where he’s led a team of public affairs and government relations professionals. Malcom is particularly drawn to opportunities to leverage public policy and communications to improve people's lives, especially in areas like housing, transportation, economic development, education, criminal justice reform, and public health. Malcom received a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard College, where he was the president of The Harvard Crimson.