A unique approach to live training

Hone is the leadership and people skills platform for modern teams. With world-class content and a flexible deployment platform, we’re built from the ground up to be the most effective, convenient and scalable live training solution in the world.

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Trusted by L&D Leaders at Top Companies
Jill Heins

“I just came off the Coaching public workshop led by Louis Alloro and he is absolutely terrific. Although I’m almost “primed” going into the meeting and know the concepts shared in the slides, I’ve learned a TON of new stuff about coaching and also about myself. I’m so thrilled that he’s training one of our groups, they’ll be in such excellent hands. Thanks a lot for building such a world class team of trainers and giving us access to thought leaders such as Louis. “

Jill Heins, Talent Management Business Partner at WorldRemit

Why live online training?

With teams distributed across multiple locations and working from home due to COVID-19, in-person training no longer makes sense. E-learning libraries help, but don’t allow for the practice, feedback and social learning necessary for leadership, management and people skills development. Live online training has the best of both worlds, and is a magical experience when done right.

Learning on the Hone platform
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Live online training drives lasting behavioral change

It’s a fact, 90% of Hone learners demonstrate lasting behavior change from our programs. Research-backed and delivered interactively by experts, our world-class curriculum is remote-first to engage, inspire, and facilitate lasting behavioral change in learners wherever they are.

A model for modern leadership

We’ve aggregated the research to identify the 12 highest-impact competencies of leadership and management, and run our classes to teach them all. We also layer three themes of modern work throughout: being remote ready, inclusive & equitable, and adaptive, to empower you and your team to thrive in today’s turbulent environment.

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Flexible deployment at scale

Whether you want to coordinate a global training rollout to thousands with tailored content, empower a handful of individuals to pick their own pathway through our classes, or anything in between, our unique platform purpose built for remote live training makes it simple.

Josh Bersin
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“Live, expert-led experiences are still one of the most compelling ways to learn. Hone’s innovative platform has the potential to unleash expert and instructor-led training in a highly scalable, engaging, and modern way.”

Josh Bersin, Deloitte
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When your people thrive your business thrives. Learn how top organizations are using Hone to level up their leaders.

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