Hybrid and remote work

As a remote-first organization, we understand the unique challenges of hybrid and remote work. Here, we share some of our insights from coaching hundreds of organizations who lead remote and hybrid teams. In addition to this guide, please check out our blog, webinars, and our YouTube channel.

Managing Hybrid Teams

Challenges of managing remote teams

Managing an in-person team is hard enough, but managing a dispersed team comes with its own set of unique problems. From a lack of communication to complicated time zone coordination, we’ve compiled the most common issues managers run into when managing a remote team and how to ensure you address them head-on

“Make the implicit, explicit. Don't assume people will understand. Make your expectations crystal clear.”
Julie Debuhr
Julie DeBuhr
Sr. Director, HR, 1Password

Guide to managing remote teams

Today’s managers ned a whole new set of skills to lead their teams successfully. Communication, trust, flexibility, and empathy became paramount as many teams transitioned to remote work almost overnight and tried to adapt to a new normal. As we continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, managers have to work to create a sense of normalcy on their team. Download this guide as an ebook

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Chapter 1: Challenges of Managing Remote Teams

When it comes to managing remote teams, it’s important to over-communicate and ask your direct reports what form of communication works best for them...

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Chapter 2: Keeping Remote Teams Engaged

Every employee deserves to feel valued and appreciated at work, but oftentimes, remote employees feel out-of-sight and out-of-mind. Make sure you regularly recognize their achievements privately and publicly...

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Chapter 3: Investing in Professional Growth

When employees feel they’re learning new skills or have the opportunity to grow their careers, they can imagine a future at your organization and stay motivated to meet and exceed performance expectations...

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Chapter 4: Remote Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a way to encourage ongoing growth. Covering the right topics can show your team you’re invested in their professional growth and are willing to go the extra mile to help them succeed...


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Manager Essentials

Ready to learn the foundational management skills critical to the success of a remote or hybrid organization? Hone’s multi-week tracks, are a series of live, interactive classes led by the same coach and with the same group every week. These classes can also be taken individually to meet the needs of your employees.

Coaching I

Explore the foundational principles of great coaching

Week 1

Give Feedback That Lands

4-step process for giving behavioral feedback to your team

Week 2

Leading Highly Effective 1-1s

Keys to leading an effective 1:1s and building relationships

Week 3

Build High Trust Relationships

The “trust equation” for cultivating greater trust within your teams

Week 4
Grow your people and your business
When your people thrive your business thrives. Learn how top organizations are using Hone to level up their leaders.

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