Diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI)

Hone is committed to developing diversity, equity, and inclusion programming, and sharing this work widely so that all people leaders have access to high-quality DEI training. In addition to this guide, please check out our blog, webinars, and our YouTube channel.

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What is anti-racism?

DEI commitments don’t mean much if the company doesn’t have the results that show the change they are enacting in their own workplace and larger community.

An “anti-racist” company, by comparison, goes a step further to dismantle the inequities within workplaces by truly prioritizing anti-racist policies and behaviors within team and organizational structure.

“Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And it’s the only way forward.”
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So You Want To Talk About Race

Guide to building an anti-racist workplace

Change starts at the individual level, and we can all start making a difference today. Managers have the power, influence, and resources to influence change and influence workplace culture – starting with their own personal and professional relationships and policies on their teams. Make a vow to stand up for what’s right and be the change you want to see in the world and the workplace. Download this guide as an ebook
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Chapter 1: Racism in the Modern Workplace

Transforming the workplace has to be about more than just the diversity of our entry-level employees. We must focus on the upward mobility of diverse employees within every level of our organizations...

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Chapter 2: Allyship in the Workplace

People leave managers, not companies. If they’re engaged in micro-aggressions, leading with bias, or perpetuating unfairness, employees will get fed up and leave...

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Chapter 3: Microagressions and Implicit Bias

Microaggressions are small behaviors, that further marginalize minority groups. These can range from insensitive comments, inappropriate jokes, or behaviors that communicate some sort of bias...

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Chapter 4: Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are a fantastic way to bring like-minded individuals together. They can provide a safe space to discuss challenges and amplify minority voices in the workplace...

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Chapter 5: Anti-racist Workplaces

Being an anti-racist workplace extends beyond company values and having good managers, it includes every aspect of the company’s operations—from what it produces, to what vendors it uses...

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Chapter 6: Building Workplace Belonging

Stepping up as an anti-racist starts with vulnerably admitting to what we do not know and actively working to deepen our awareness and take responsibility for how we show up as allies...

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Chapter 7: Hiring Diversity in the Workplace

Building a diverse candidate pipeline should be central to hiring and recruiting efforts. Sometimes this comes at odds with the usual recruiting process where speed is valued above all other metrics...

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Chapter 8: Workplace Equity

One crucial way that managers can take active steps to combat racism in the workplace is by sharing constructive feedback with their employees and investing in their professional development and goals...


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Coach Approach

Create a Culture of Belonging

Ready to train your teams on DEI? Hone’s multi-week tracks, are a series of live, interactive classes led by the same coach and with the same group every week. These classes can also be taken individually to meet the needs of your employees.

Manage Bias in the Workplace

Explore what unconscious bias is, the different types of biases, and how they manifest in the workplace

Week 1

Address Microaggressions on Your Team

Identify and address microaggressions on your team

Week 2

Create a Culture of Belonging

The science behind exclusion and belonging, and its impact on our decisions

Week 3

Embrace Allyship in Your Organization

Learn how to show up as an effective ally for colleagues of underrepresented backgrounds

Week 4
Grow your people and your business
When your people thrive your business thrives. Learn how top organizations are using Hone to level up their leaders.