Our Mission

Hone’s mission is to democratize access to the world's best training, by reimagining the learning and development experience for the modern workplace.

Our Story

We founded Hone after personally experiencing the need for better training and development, as executives at hyper-growth companies and culture consultants to hundreds of organizations across dozens of industries.

With the world of work becoming more distributed every day, and the next generation taking the reins, it's time we modernized how we develop our people.

Hone brings together the latest in learning science, top instructors and a unique technology platform to create a world-class, live online training experience that is more accessible and measurable than ever before.


Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and HR technology executives and supported by world-leading experts, we’re building a ground-breaking team of technologists, educators and leaders committed to our mission of reimagining training for modern workplace.

Tom Griffiths

Co-founder, CEO

Savina Perez

Co-founder, Head of Growth

Mandy Tang

Director of Partnerships

Misha Urano

Lead Engineer

John Mahowald

Senior Engineer

Chris Chung

Senior Engineer


Tim Pile

Software Engineer

Sam Levine

Instructional Designer

Jen Weiss

Program Coordinator

Sheeba Varghese


Roberto Giannicola



Josh Bersin

Global Industry Analyst, Founder Bersin™ by Deloitte

Cindy Huggett

Author, Speaker, and Consultant

Dave Winsborough

VP Innovation, Hogan Assessments

Marc Maltz

Coach at Reboot.io

Jo Dennis

Chief People Officer, Pinterest

Ciara Lakhani

Chief People Officer, Dashlane

Alisa Cohn

Executive Coach and Speaker

Joaquin Roca

Organizational Consultant and Entrepreneur