A Unique Live Training Platform

We enable you to develop exceptional employees and measure their impact.

Training Reimagined

We blend the power of live expert training, small group learning, and technology to drive measurable performance outcomes.

The right program mix

Work with our experts to choose the right live training programs for your people and meet the needs of your organization. Our catalog covers a wide range of people skills, including management, coaching, diversity and inclusion, team building, communication, and more. 

Delivered live online

We deliver modern, interactive training and development programs to your employees live online. Each session is facilitated by an expert and lasts 60-90 minutes, making it convenient for busy people and remote team members alike.

Manage and measure

Oversee all of your training programs and understand engagement and ROI with our unique reporting interface. Track progress, attendance, feedback, and impact for all of your participants in one place.

Support Every Step Of The Way

Real human support. Our Program and Account Management Teams helps you to manage and deliver the right programs at the right time to your people. Questions about reports, progress, trends, or just need to reschedule a session? Our in-house team is dedicated to your success and available on-demand to help you navigate any challenge.