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Remote Training Startup Hone Scores $2.75M To Build Out Platform

APRIL 2020

Remote training can be a beat down, as we are all certainly experiencing in one form or fashion during this coronavirus lockdown. But startup Hone is laser focused on changing that. 

30 Startups Creating the Future Of Work That Will Propser in 2020, According to VCs

APRIL 2020

The urgent need for better work tools could catapult some enterprise startups into the pantheon of unicorn startups, as their users multiply and venture capital investors jump to fund them.

18 Startups That VCs Say Will Thrive This Year Despite The Economic Crisis

APRIL 2020
Given that many of today's unicorns and newly public companies were founded in the middle of the last economic downturn, that made us wonder: Who are the unicorns of tomorrow that are being forged in the economic turmoil of today?

Five Tech Startups That Are Helping Us To Overcome The Coronavirus Effect

March 2020

As everyone adapts to new ways of working, studying and staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic, a number of startups have come to the rescue, providing tools, apps, and platforms that can help people make the best of a stressful and disruptive situation.

Why Leadership Development Feels Broken: And How We’re Fixing It

July 2019

Hone is a particularly interesting company because it was founded by a tech entrepreneur and he has brought together a network of highly skilled leadership development experts in an online, live learning experience. You can assess your skills and sign up for real-time Hone classes at your desktop and gain access to world-class instructors and coaches in the flow of work.