The best leaders aren't born.
They are Hone'd

Learning comes from doing. In between classes, Hone’s Learner Portal reinforces learning with integrated assessments and challenges. In fact, 90% of learners show lasting behavior change from our programs.

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Carissa Locher

Practical and easy to implement right after the class. Each course was broken down into bite-size topics and provided tools to start implementing right away.”

Carrissa Locher, Customer Support Specialist at Gardyn

Hone's learning philosophy

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Our curriculum takes a holistic approach to management and spans the employee lifecycle — from interview skills to employee development and growth.

Our programs are based on cutting edge organizational research, and focus on honing six core manager capabilities:

Learning methods

In an increasingly complex world, the need for effective, distributed management training is critical. That’s why we focus on habit-forming training that’s easy to roll out: an annual journey constructed around intensive bursts of immersive cohort-based learning, with a variety of modalities to reinforce learning and drive application.

180° and post-program assessments

to evaluate strengths and areas for growth, and track progress over time

Live, virtual tracks and classes

Led by expert facilitators to engage learners in practice and impactful discussion

Post class challenges and resources

to drive accountability, skill development, and commitment to action

Group coaching

to help learners reinforce learning, provide support and decide on their next steps

Learning experience

Learning isn’t a one time event, but a continuous journey that requires reinforcement and practice. We start with a 180 manager assessment, then curate annual programs composed of live cohort-based classes — where your learners will receive immediate feedback from expert coaches and peers.

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learning journey

The Hone Learner Portal

Outside of class, the Hone Learner Portal reinforces learning. This powerful behavior change platform gives learners access to a variety of tools and learning modalities, including integrated assessments, challenges, reinforcement nudges, and companion content.
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Applied learning

Post-class commitments are reinforced through a series of nudges, integrated assessments, and challenges, driving application and habit change.
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Asynchronous resources

Asynchronous resources

Unlimited access to class companion content, as well as tools to boost personal and leadership performance.

Track growth over time

Automated pre- and post-program assessments create a clear picture of how learners are progressing on their developmental journey.
Growth Over Time
Grow your people and your business
When your people thrive your business thrives. Learn how top organizations are using Hone to level up their leaders.