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Drive performance breakthroughs at every level

Tackle real challenges with expert coaches and a community of global peers. Hone’s Group Coaching is now available for your entire team.

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The power of group coaching

Foster shared insights, diverse perspectives, and collective support to accelerate individual growth.

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Tailored problem-solving

Participants’ unique challenges and objectives drive session content.

Deep engagement

Small group format gives everyone a chance to engage directly.

Certified coaches

World-class coaches facilitate and probe to get to the heart of the matter.

Flexible formats to suit every audience and budget

We have options for targeted upskilling as well as for deeper
long-term development.


Open-enrollment sessions in Membership

Meet other Hone learners and tackle popular leadership topics like feedback, communication, and delegation.

Included in your Hone Membership subscription.

Private single sessions

Solve targeted challenges and offer tailored support to groups within your company.

Available as an add-on to your Hone subscription.


Cohort-based programs

Drive long-term leader efficacy, improve communication, and deepen team bonds over multiple sessions as a cohort.

Available as an add-on to your Hone subscription.

Get Group Coaching for your team

See how you can continuously upskill your employees on topics that transform performance — at a price that makes learning accessible to all.

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Your teams will

love Group Coaching

Learners love the relevant topics, engaging coaches, peer interactions, and tangible takeaways from every live coaching experience.

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This was an incredibly helpful class.

It allowed me to honestly face the things that were holding me back from being a successful communicator.

I really enjoyed my session with my coach.

She allowed me to re-frame an issue I’ve perceived as a weakness into something which may powerfully impact others in their career journey. It was amazing that we got there in an hour session.

This class was one of the best so far.

It was similar to having a personalized master class for solving difficult situations.

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