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Kristen Earp is a leadership development coach, facilitator and seasoned military spouse. She leverages her training and development skills to support leaders facing change, challenges and uncertainty with greater confidence, clarity and grit for higher impact and results. Kristen has a concentration on emotional intelligence, mindful leadership and relationship building and has worked in/with various industries such as software, tech, healthcare, retail, service, non-profit and state government.

Kristen's career is supported by a Masters in Organizational Psychology, two coaching certifications (ACC & CPCC) as well as certifications in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Conscious Business Coaching (CBC).

When Kristen is not traveling for a military move (16 moves in 20 years) or being mom to her two awesome kids, you will find her sipping on a cappuccino, reading a book or in an engaging conversation, while exploring some new location or city.


How did you get your start in coaching/teaching?

I took a class years ago in my masters and it always stuck with me. So, when I was able to, I decided to get more training in it. I chose The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) three years ago and the rest is history.

What is one actionable takeaway you want your students to leave your classes with?

A new perspective and a desire or growing confidence to try new strategies/skills.

What trends do you see in the world of work?

There are so many trends, especially with COVID. Here are three: (1) dispersed & hybrid teams are here to stay; (2) emphasis on DEI is changing the way we do/think about hiring and (3) leaders are recognizing the importance of relationships (EQ)

Why are you passionate about leadership development?

I am passionate about helping leaders to be more emotional intelligence, mindful and relationship first.

What type of content are you most excited about teaching for Hone? (Choose your top 3-5 content areas)

Cultivating High Trust Relationships

What's the best lesson you've ever been taught?

Life is all about the perspective you hold. If the one you are looking at life through is not serving you, find another!

Who is someone that inspires you? Why?

My Mother. She is an amazing example of servant leadership, a model of her faith and excelled in career where women were not well represented. She did all this while raising three children and burying her husband. Not only is she my hero, I love her laugh, her advice and everlasting patience.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to travel and cannot wait to do more of that! I love working out and walking (soon with our puppy). I love good food, friends and deep conversations. And when I am not doing these things, I love supporting my children in finding their interests, going to their events and going on dates with my husband - preferably with a good beer and live band.

What's something your colleagues probably don't know about you?

I am a military spouse, I have moved 16 times in 20 years and the Navy stationed us back where it all started. I never thought we be able to call home, home again. (On a more juicier note - I was an audience member of a Jerry Springer show once!)

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