Coach Spotlight

Federica D’Armento

Federica D'Armento is the enthusiastic partner, the trusted advisor to work with when it comes to digital marketing and people development. As a Digital Consultant she has developed a valuable business acumen over nearly 15 years going from traditional to digital advertising, and she joined the client-side of the business after spending almost 5 years with Google, at their EMEA HQ in Dublin. From Italy to the UK, from Ireland to Switzerland she gained a solid business knowledge, with an international twist, working with a diverse range of clients' portfolios in different industries - fashion-luxury, automotive, retail, non-profit.

Over the years, her genuine interest in people development led her to take on challenges as mentor and people manager. The interest has been evolving into a greater passion which translated into a Diploma as Professional Coach. She strongly believes in the power of digital, and - above all - that people have the power and are the real asset of every business. She currently is a qualified coach for Innovators Serendipity Academy in Switzerland, she collaborates with Scuola di fallimento in Italy, and she is giving back to the community by volunteering as Mentor and Board Member for PWN Zug & Zurich.

When she is not busy working, you can find her somewhere exploring the world, or breathing underwater with scuba dive, or celebrating a superb glass of wine and excellent food; she also enjoys the sound of silence while reading, meditating or giving life to some pieces of paper with origami art.