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Nicole Bliss is a client strategy leader and executive coach. After close to a decade of successfully leading account strategy teams in the digital marketing space, Nicole realized her greatest sources of joy came from helping her co-workers and peers become more self-aware and helping them grow as unique individuals and leaders. She began seeking more opportunities to do just that.

This shift in focus grew out of a realization that Nicole could be doing life better. After recognizing her busy schedule and constant work stress wasn’t serving her, Nicole reignited a stalled yoga practice and immediately recognized the positive impacts on her spiritually, mentally, and physically. Wanting to learn more about the philosophy of yoga, Nicole graduated yoga teacher training in 2018 and has since completed additional trainings in yoga nidra meditation and restorative yoga. She regularly teaches yoga and meditation in both the private and corporate space.

Nicole’s desire to meld the mindfulness skills she was cultivating in her personal life with the leadership skills she was leveraging in her professional life led her to discover the Conscious Leadership Group. Nicole launched a monthly conscious leadership club at Criteo in 2019 but her real passion for coaching took hold when she became 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership Certified in early 2021 and began leveraging their approach as an executive coach to help leaders “get unstuck” from whatever is holding them back from achieving personal and professional growth.

When she’s not coaching, Nicole loves spending time with her family: Jarrad, Jackson, Stella & their mini–Australian Shepard, Ashby, who are constant reminders to enjoy life and not to take anything too seriously. Nicole also loves giving back and is actively involved with her family’s nonprofit, Expedition. Life., which raises funds to support programs for veterans in need and ask risk youth. As a loyal member of the yoga community, Nicole also enjoys fundraising for Yoga Reaches Out.

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