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Miki Johnson is a business leader, experienced group facilitator, and leadership coach. After working in journalism and professional photography for a decade, in 2014 she cofounded Job Portraits, the top Employer Branding agency for startups and other high-growth companies. Through the agency’s work “using the truth to help teams find their people,” she has consulted with hundreds of executives and people leaders and has interviewed thousands of employees about good (and bad) management practices, company policies, and cultural principles.

In the process of growing the Job Portraits team, Miki also learned first-hand the challenges and rewards of hiring and managing. Putting her extensive research and thought to work building a human-centered, psychologically safe, radically candid workplace, Miki realized that her greatest impact and satisfaction grew out of 1:1 coaching and group facilitation. In recent years, she has transitioned out of her leadership role (something she’s passionate about helping others navigate) to focus on coaching executives, entrepreneurs, and paradigm shifters. Miki is also a Somatic Energy Guide, a facilitator of 7Directions Dance Ceremony, and a mother to two young boys.

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