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hone coach maisha cannon
Meet Maisha, the dynamic founder of The Collab Lab, Inc. and coach at Hone. A trailblazer in the recruiting industry, her enthusiasm for learning and sharing knowledge is nothing short of infectious.

Maisha has delivered powerful presentations at some of the most prestigious conferences in her field. She has captivated audiences at SourceCon, Recruiters Network, and Gem Summit.

As an industry leader, her expertise has been displayed in publications such as Recruiting Daily, Recruiting Brainfood, and SourceCon.

Maisha's inventive approach to talent sourcing has not gone unnoticed. She has been honored as a finalist in the SourceCon Grandmaster Challenge and as the third-place winner in the World's Greatest Sourcer competition.

In her current role, Maisha provides professional development at the intersection of talent development and technology.

Three things Maisha’s great at: listening, learning and laughing loudly.

Two impact projects she can't get enough of: tracing her roots and designing journals for Black girls.

One thing she’s sure of: learning and sharing are the ultimate pairing.

Join her at Hone to connect, collaborate, and celebrate wins.

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