Coach spotlight

Leland Franklin

Leland's greatest joy is creating experiences for people to bring their boldest visions to life and evolve into extraordinary, authentic leaders. Drawing on 12+ years of project management and product development experience at high-growth tech companies, Leland coaches busy high achievers to clarify and work towards their most important goals, from deepening self-awareness to launching new global products to building high-trust team cultures. Integrating principles of mindfulness, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence, his superpower is creating safe spaces for people to access their innate wisdom, creativity, and genius - and find their own answers within.

Leland is a Certified ICF and Co-Active Professional Coach, Certified Scrum Master, and Stanford Certified Project Manager with clients at Google, Apple, Asana, and some of Silicon Valley's most innovative social impact startups. Leland is an avid student of martial arts and meditation and has jumped out of perfectly good airplanes over 600 times.