Coach spotlight
Heather is a leadership coach and facilitator who uses her natural warmth and energy to build trust with her clients and motivate them to take action.
Her background is in IT senior leadership, working for 20 years at a large multinational. Whilst there, she discovered her real passion was leading teams and supporting individuals to grow and develop. She became heavily involved in internal coaching and mentoring initiatives, supporting others to develop their leadership skills and build highly engaged teams, before making the decision to go full-time into coaching over 5 years ago.
Heather's other passion is the great outdoors and she strongly believes in the power of nature to support many aspects of personal development and wellbeing. She has run outdoor workshops, coaching sessions and netwalking events for business leaders in her local area in the UK, as well as speaking on podcasts about the benefits of getting outdoors.  
Unsurprisingly then, her interests outside work are outdoors focused, including cycling with her local women's club, hiking, gardening and sustainable living. She also volunteers with her local food bank.

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