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Brett Ellis is a Hone facilitator, diversity recruiting specialist, and a lifelong educator. With 10 years of experience at the intersection of education and technology, Brett has earned a reputation for creating highly-engaging in-person and virtual classes for a variety of clients.

Brett has worked across education, tech, non-profit, and entertainment industries to develop a well-rounded viewpoint of the modern workplace. He also runs a business as a career coach and workshop facilitator to provide professional development opportunities to corporate teams, community groups, universities, and more.

Growing up as a queer, Mexican kid in rural Illinois, Brett quickly learned the need to advocate for those who need it most. Each step in his career has involved learning about different historically excluded groups and taking action to increase opportunities for education and economic empowerment. He loves to create engaging content and discussions on LinkedIn to eliminate barriers to high-quality education.

Brett now resides in Atlanta, GA where you might find him attending more concerts than his budget allows, sharpening his skills as a DJ, or hosting social events for his friends. You’re guaranteed to learn something new in a session with Brett, and you might even have some fun!

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