Coach spotlight

Austin Walker

Austin is a Life Coach, who partners with people to manifest their desires through personal empowerment while living life-based in ownership and intentionality. Austin works in tandem with those who are ready to purposefully create new possibilities in their life through forward-focused coaching.

As the Founder of RAW Coaching and a Global top sales achiever at Gartner, Austin knows how to work effectively and efficiently when helping others live their lives with purpose and intentionality.  RAW Coaching is designed to empower the client’s individual greatness while aligning who they need to become and what they need to do in order to reach the stated commitments. Austin's mission is to help people live their life on purpose.

As an active cornhole enthusiast and an avid traveler, Austin loves to try new things as he explores the world. He loves football and was a college football player for the University of Maryland. In his spare time, Austin co-hosts his podcast Purpenthicity, where he helps even more individuals find their personal success. Austin is trained by Accomplishment Coaching, a world-renowned, International Coach Federation accredited training program.