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How to Build a Career That Deeply Fulfills You

What's covered

Register for this powerful masterclass with Michael Dearing, acclaimed venture capitalist and investor in top companies like Popcap, Pagerduty and Masterclass. Learn how to unlock greater purpose in your work, assess your growth over time, and create a sustainable plan to reach your long-term goals.

Michael will teach three key tools that empower each of us to own our career planning and development. We'll explore your heart's desire - a powerful visioning activity to help you align more deeply with what inspires you most. We'll complete an insightful self-assessment that famed businessman Andy Grove utilized with great success, and we'll borrow a tool from the world of financial investing to create a concrete plan to reach your long-term goals.

Join us, as Michael provides timely strategies and best practices to help you create a fulfilling path forward in your career. We'll explore relevant case studies and lessons-learned from top business leaders, and leave you with actionable next steps to grow in the ways that feel most important to you.

Meet our speakers

Michael Dearing

Venture Capitalist and Founder of Harrison Metal

Michael Dearing is the Founder of Harrison Metal, an acclaimed venture capital firm that invests in successful companies like Popcap, Pagerduty and Masterclass. He also teaches classes in capitalism and business administration for people running high-growth companies like the ones he loved building. The class content comes from his work as a general manager and as a Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford University, where he taught some of the most popular classes in the University on management, entrepreneurship, and commercializing new technology. Prior to Harrison Metal and Stanford, Michael was a leader at companies like Ebay, The Walt Disney Company, and Bain & Company. He earned an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School. In his free time, he lives with a pack of dogs named Puppy, Cookie, Girl, and Doctor Zaius.

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