Case Study

A scalable solution for a global team

With thousands of employees in 90 locations globally, PTC needed a scalable and flexible learning approach to deliver development strategies that supported cross-collaboration across departments in different time zones and regions.

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Hone has had the pleasure of running ongoing programs for PTC since October 2021 - including Manager Core 101 and a series of Private Electives - for a total thus far of 473 participants.

Manager Core 101 Sessions:

  • Coaching I
  • Build High Trust Relationships
  • Give Feedback That Lands
  • Lead Highly-Effective 1:1’s

Private Electives:

  • Transform Conflict into Collaboration
  • Communicate Powerfully Around Change
  • Motivate Anyone to do Their Best Work
  • Manage Your Team’s Strengths
  • Create Compelling Career Paths

Hone provides leadership training for managers of PTC, a software development company that unleashes industrial innovation with award winning, market-proven solutions that enable companies to differentiate their products and services, improve operational excellence, and increase workforce productivity. With PTC, and its partner ecosystem, manufacturers can capitalize on the promise of today’s new technology to drive digital transformation.

For this Case Study, we met with the project admin Andreea Soineanu, Global Learning Lead, to review the company’s experience with Hone.

Hone isn't just a training provider. It’s a partner to whom I'm asking questions, for feedback, and guidance. People always answer my call, are willing to help, share their practices, and guide me through this. Anybody going with Hone would definitely have a successful learning opportunity.

The challenge

With thousands of employees in 90 locations globally, PTC needed a scalable learning approach to deliver development strategies and support cross-collaborations for multiple departments in different time zones and areas. The company wanted a learning program that aligned with its strategy, supported its administrators, and adapted to employees’ career paths.

The company’s prevailing rotational leadership program assists employees in the early career stage but lacks support for their journeys up the company ladder. Since their learning and development group could not pilot all the requests, Andreea and the PTC team sought a partner that could supplement what their existing team could not deliver.

To address the company’s need for a learning and development program, Andrea knew PTC needed a training solution that could:

  1. Be a scalable, flexible, and customizable solution for the large and growing global company.
  2. Show how targeted skills evolve for a management role and transform into a leadership position.
  3. Grow with employees’ professional advancement at the organization.

The solution

After comparing different options, PTC selected Hone’s leadership training program for three main reasons:

  1. It fits their criteria above,
  2. The program delivers engaging, intuitive classes with critical skills for various departments, and
  3.  They knew Hone offered the navigation and support their administrators needed with a global audience.

As the program admin, Andreea felt this alignment and assistance from the start and loved her positive relationship with the CSM and learning strategist. “Building trust was really easy right from the beginning. We had several conversations in terms of, ‘This is our strategy. This is our main goal. This is what we want to achieve.’ Whenever we came with a mindset, Hone complimented that idea. They actually became our partners.”


Leadership for Everyone

Both Hone and PTC believe that developing skills and investing in human resources creates future leadership and growth within the organization. And cohesive networking and community-building programs inspire loyalty, especially when employees live in different countries. “They are creating talent and upskilling the next pipeline of leaders at PTC.” Andreea beamed that she envisions an easy operation of the thousand employees targeted for the program in the future.


Developed to Be Adaptable

Hone worked closely with the PTC team to establish their needs and preferences, and together they determined where to encourage the content and conversation.
Andreea emphasized, “What I’ve loved about Hone is that they ask, ‘How is this done at PTC? What are some of the possible situations applicable at PTC?’ so they can better support that skill-building or provide guidance on the spot.”


Effortlessly Administered

One of the essential aspects for Andreea is the ease of use for both the trainee and the training coordinators. Hone’s all-in-one platform provides data-driven insights and manages administrative tasks like scheduling, messaging, and record-keeping.

“It was really, really, really engaging and clear to implement. We’re operating programs from 30 to 300 people… in any capacity we solicited. The platform is self-intuitive. It was really easy for me, as an admin, to constantly check what has been done and when. As a leader, you need to constantly connect, be attuned to, and be in service of others. As a leader, you need to understand how to bring your expertise in supporting others. These programs actually focus on this mindset.”


The PTC management team agrees that Hone works best for them, as it was the perfect solution for their two main concerns; scalability and customized content. “Our participants valued the platform to keep them focused. It was really easy for them to leverage each course’s resources in their further development or as they talk to their mentors or coaches.”


From Theory to Application

Andreea noted how the trainings were pertinent to current, real-life problems at PTC. “I really love how the facilitator navigated the conversation. It was a perfect combination of theory and the applicable side. People were engaged and asked questions. The facilitators constantly took the time to answer and put everything in perspective, which is always appreciated. It seemed more like a longer coaching conversation than a workshop.”


Looking Towards PTC’s Future

For the PTC team, small-group classes foster better engagement and connection while spanning the globe. “The small groups allowed our future leaders to have that time to voice their challenges or questions and get answers.” Andreea highlighted that they plan to improve their tailored strategies in the small groups before granting membership access to the larger PTC community.