Is Your Company Ready For This Performance Management Cycle?

Your employees want feedback on their performance. And, high-quality feedback significantly boosts employee engagement and retention, which in turn drives better business performance.

But giving this feedback can be, unfortunately, difficult to get right — and low-quality feedback can be detrimental to your workforce. In fact, recent research from Textio found that people receiving low-quality feedback are 63% more likely to leave their organizations than everyone else.

So how can HR and L&D leaders make sure their workforce is receiving clear and actionable feedback? Join us for this informative webinar, where you will hear from the experts and learn:

  • How feedback quality impacts employee engagement and retention 
  • Hone’s SBIW model for providing feedback that is specific, actionable, and unbiased
  • How to prepare your managers and leaders for this year's cycle of annual performance reviews

…and more! Register now to see how you can level up your performance management strategy.


Meet The speakers


Sabrina Creighton

Senior Director of Learning Design and Coach Community

Jordana Heller, PhD

Director of Data Intelligence

Peggy Marvin

Director, Human Resources Business Partner