Senior Leaders Need Power Skills Now More Than Ever

2023 was a game-changer, ushering in a wave of new challenges for senior leaders. And despite decades of experience under their belts, this sudden wave re-emphasizes why continuous training is as critical for execs as it is for new managers. The challenge for L&D? Finding training that senior leaders actually want to attend. 

Traditional leadership programs, with their marathon, lecture-filled seminars, are becoming outdated. Senior leaders don’t want to be talked at – they want engaging, interactive sessions with actionable insights and real-time peer feedback. 

Introducing Senior Leader Core by Hone


Imagine a live, virtual leadership retreat centered on interaction and collaboration among executives. This is the inspiration for Hone’s newest offering Senior Leader Core — a live, virtual program designed to energize even the most tenured executive leader. 

What distinguishes Senior Leader Core from other executive training?  

  • Collaborative Format: Unlike standard lectures, 60% of Senior Leader Core classes focus on group discussions and peer learning vs. one-way teaching.
  • Customized Content: Every Senior Leader Core is tailored to your organization, reflecting real challenges faced by your executives, ensuring no time is wasted on irrelevant scenarios.
  • Modern Workspace Training: The program prepares leaders for today’s workscape – the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment.
  • Relevant Frameworks: Updated frameworks ensure actionable, real-world applicability.
  • Expert Guidance: Our Senior Leader Core coaches are experienced executives, offering invaluable insights from their own leadership journeys.

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“Great senior leader training is a must to keep execs on top of their game in this whirlwind of change. Execs don’t want one-way lectures; they want engaging experiences. That’s why interactive collaborative training is a must have – it’s the only path to real development at this level.”

– Jenny Dearborn, Chief People Officer, Growth Advisor

Hone’s Senior Leader Core is not just another executive training program, it’s an immersive, transformative leadership experience your leaders will love. As 2023 continues to surprise us, equip your leaders with the best tools to lead the way.