Live learning for all: Hone Membership and the future of workplace learning

In today’s workplace, effective job performance often hinges on interpersonal dynamics — whether you’re collaborating within teams or engaging with customers. As Josh Bersin states, “power skills are the hard skills of the future.” Companies that invest in and prioritize developing these skills in their workforce will lead in the market — those that don’t will fall behind.

Recent research from McKinsey reveals why top organizations double down on these skills, showcasing that companies that invest in power skills training see a 22% increase in profitability and 37% less employee attrition. 

To date, it has been extremely challenging to provide opportunities for employees to upskill in these areas in an ongoing, scalable, and effective way. Different employee populations have unique needs, and L&D teams struggle to provide high-quality, engaging learning that can span the wide variety of pressing topics, coordinate large groups of learners, and create learning journeys that defy the one-and-done training that simply checks a box. Plus, limited budgets make it essential to balance quality with affordability.

So how can learning leaders facilitate continuous learning for these types of people skills? Well, the process of upskilling the way employees’ ability to navigate diverse human interactions calls for a critical ingredient: human interaction itself.

Asynchronous elearning is often a go-to when you need to quickly address your L&D needs with off-the-shelf content. But while learning alone, you can’t practice skills, collaborate with others, or engage fully in the learning experience. Live, collaborative learning mirrors real-world, interactive environments where these skills are applied. Power skills, such as communication, teamwork, adaptability, and emotional intelligence, are inherently human-centric and thrive in dynamic, interactive settings.

Smart organizations know that it’s imperative in today’s fast-evolving workplace to instill a culture of continuous learning and stay competitive in the market. They know they need to go a step further to meet both corporate goals and fulfill the demands of individual employees’ personal development plans.

Enter Hone Membership — a revolutionary approach to online learning that offers much more than your typical virtual classroom. Let’s dive into how it’s transforming training, offering a compelling alternative for those who want to expand their horizons in an ever-changing learning environment.


What is Hone Membership?

Hone Membership is live power skills learning, on-demand. Learning leaders can create and assign powerful professional development programs for every audience, all within one affordable subscription. Learners get around-the-clock access to the world’s largest library of live online classes where they’ll learn from renowned coaches alongside other professionals of diverse backgrounds. 

The content

Membership classes are science-backed and expertly crafted. They cover topics like performance management, coaching, giving feedback, change management, DE&I, and more to address the most essential leadership skills in the modern workplace. Each class is taught by our global team of expert instructors and coaches

In addition to our regular rotation of power skills content, our masterclasses provide a deep dive into the hottest topics for today’s professionals — with topics like allyship, overcoming imposter syndrome, building your leadership presence, and more. 

Plus, Membership is powered by Hone’s incredible technology, which makes scaling your learning programs faster and easier than ever.


For learning leaders

Hone Membership allows learning leaders to instantly deploy the best learning experience in the world on topics that transform performance — at a price that makes learning accessible to all. With Membership, learning leaders get:

  • Unlimited programs, one subscription: Create as many programs as you need for managers, individual contributors, and senior leaders within one affordable subscription. Hone lets you meet your recurring program needs or assign timely electives based on your company’s goals, without spending weeks on content creation or advanced planning.
  • A powerful platform to easily manage and scale your L&D initiatives: Hone Membership puts you in control. Quickly assign programs or individual classes to groups of learners and track progress and engagement.
  • Expert support and guidance: Lean on our team of in-house experts to help you craft your programs and determine what’s best for each audience.
  • Cost-effective training for your whole staff: We’ve made training accessible to all audiences, so you can bridge gaps and create leaders at every level.


For learners

Whether you’re an individual contributor looking to enhance your abilities or a director aiming to refine leadership strategies, Hone caters to professionals at all levels, ensuring tailored content that meets the unique needs and aspirations of every learner.

  • Flexibility: Prioritize the way you learn with flexible scheduling and classes offered across time zones. It’s learning that adapts to your schedule, not the other way around.
  • Learning in the flow of work: No more waiting for the classes you want. Hone Membership provides flexibility for learners and managers to access the most critical content, precisely when they need it.
  • Community learning: Engage with a diverse network of professionals, gaining insights and perspectives from various backgrounds and industries. This collaborative environment offers a unique advantage of networking and building long-lasting professional relationships.
  • Personalized learning experience: Complete programs and classes assigned to you, and then find other interesting topics based on your personal goals.


The impact of Hone Membership for businesses and employees

Equitable access to learning empowers every employee to reach their full potential and transforms business performance. An inclusive learning culture breeds ideas, innovation, and personal growth for all, and ultimately, it fosters a more engaged, motivated, and skillful workforce.

In a world where knowledge is power, Hone Membership is your ticket to unlocking the full potential of your organization. It’s more than just a learning platform; it’s a transformative journey that enhances skills, broadens horizons, and provides true human connection. So, why wait? Join the live learning revolution.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear it straight from learners and L&D experts below.

Want to learn more about how to continuously upskill your team with live, collaborative learning with Hone Membership? Let’s get you connected with one of our experts!