60 min


The StorySelling Method

What's covered

Do you want to learn how to build trust, stand out, and inspire others through storytelling?

Hone trainer, business storytelling keynote speaker, and author of The StorySelling Method Philipp Humm, joins us for an interactive workshop to help you unleash the storyteller within you!    


  1. Get familiar with 1 powerful story that you can use to build a connection with anyone
  2. Learn how to tell captivating stories
  3. Discover the questions that make others comfortable to open up to you 

Meet our speakers

PH - Headshot

Phillip Humm

Founder, Power of Storytelling

Philipp Humm is the Founder of Power of Storytelling. He has helped thousands of sellers, leaders, and entrepreneurs use stories to build trust, stand out, and inspire in business. His clients include Google, Visa, and Oracle, Novartis, and E.ON to name drop a few. 

Prior to starting his business, Philipp worked for almost a decade at Uber, Bain & Company, and Blackstone. He discovered his passion for performance arts (acting, improv., and storytelling) during his time in NY while completing his MBA at Columbia University. Over the past year, he has published his book The StorySelling Method and has given a TEDx talk on The Secret to Building Confidence.

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