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Remote Productivity: From Energy Tracking to Creating a “Digital Home”

What's covered

Feeling overwhelmed by context-switching and information overload? You're not alone! According to Asana’s Anatomy of Work Index 2022, remote workers switch between multiple apps more than two dozen times a day. Other forms of “work about work,” such as searching for information, managing shifting priorities, and chasing status updates, can take up 60% of their days, leaving only 40% for skilled and strategic work.

But there's a better way! Come join Ali Greene and Tamara Sanderson of Remote Works to explore better ways to get work done, including leaning into your biological chronotype, energy tracking, and creating a "digital home."

Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of "Remote Works" following the webinar!

Meet our speakers

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Tamara Sanderson

Founder & Author

With over 12 years of distributed work experience, largely while traveling ✈️ the world 🌎 with 70 countries and 7 continents under my belt, I've learned the secrets to making remote work WORK. I'm passionate about helping others find their own paths and believe in the power of personal autonomy. I cut my teeth in design at IDEO, in tech at Google and Automattic (WordPress.com), and in finance and operations at Oliver Wyman and Audax Group, and now, I'm excited to share what I've learned with others—specifically around distributed work. I'm an encouraging and enthusiastic facilitator. I teach product strategy, product management, design thinking and entrepreneurship for Northwestern Kellogg PM certificate, Duke Corporate Education PM certificate, and other courses offered by upGrad. Students have referred to me as “a pro” with an ear for listening and an eye for giving great feedback. My workshops are organized, interactive and stock full of exercises to understand the material better.

Ali Greene

Ali Greene

Founder & Author

I bring my ten years of startup experience, seven years of remote work experience, and four+ years of experience leading remote teams, to educate and inspire teams on how to do their best work, regardless of where (or what) their "office" looks like. From rolling out company benefits while slurping ramen in Tokyo, to managing an organization re-structure from beaches in Spain, my unique point of view and solution-oriented mindset will enable you to achieve remote work success. I get excited about alternatives ways of working: remote work, non-traditional career arrangements, and growing rural economies through location independent work, building community, travel, and creating extravagant #WFH meals.

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