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Exec Training Unlocked: Tales and Triumphs from the Frontlines

What's covered

In the ever-evolving workplace of 2023, even your top execs need upskilling to stay ahead. Recorded trainings and one-way lectures won’t cut it, so how do you find training within budget that keeps your senior leaders engaged and coming back? That's the question our panel "Exec Training Unlocked: Tales and Triumphs from the Frontlines" aimed to answer! Watch this lively discussion where top L&D experts unpacked the essentials of senior leader training in 2023.

We covered:

  • Real-world stories of the challenges that come with exec training
  • Actionable tips and tricks for overcoming these obstacles
  • Tips and innovative strategies for successfully upskilling and engaging your top leaders

Meet our speakers


Savina Perez

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at Hone

Savina Perez is the Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at Hone, the all-in-one talent development platform for modern teams delivering live learning at scale to enable behavior change, human connection, and continuous development.

Prior to founding Hone, Savina led growth and marketing at several venture-backed B2B tech companies based in New York City and San Francisco including Curalate, Incapsula, and Smartling, and has deep expertise in all aspects of B2B growth, sales and marketing. Most recently, Savina was VP of Marketing at CultureIQ (acq: ParkerGale Capital), a culture management platform for the enterprise market. Savina is passionate about amplifying the impact of the world’s next generation of leaders, DEIB initiatives, and supporting her team and customer base to bring it all together.

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Colleen Crilley

Senior Partner, Talent Development at Dow Jones
In her role at Dow Jones, Colleen plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's approach to talent development, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. She is deeply committed to the belief that empowering individuals through continuous learning and effective leadership is the cornerstone of organizational success.

Chris Forando

Sr. Director, Head of Organization Effectiveness at Subway

A business-centric organization development and systems behavior specialist that partners with senior leaders to solve complex issues that limit strategy execution and impact financial performance. Specializes in workplace stress measurement, complexity analysis, decision forensics, and diagnostic instruments to strengthen competitive posture. Highly experienced with senior level consultation for comprehensive organization effectiveness and development.

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Mark Gregor

Senior Coach at Hone

For more than 25 years, Mark's intuitive insight, strategic perspective and unwavering belief in human potential has been the mainstay of his success — and resilience — as an executive thought-leader, coach, and consultant.

His diverse business experience includes having led individuals and teams in 23 countries worldwide, managed budgets that supported half a billion dollars in annual revenue, launched multiple award-winning product lines, drove consecutive increases in divisional performance, spearheaded global e-commerce solutions, and designed an extensive portfolio of leadership development training programs. As a consistent go-to strategic resource, clients benefit from his unique combination of strategic macro perspective with micro sensibility and practicality.

He has sat on the board of, and been involved with, over 15 start-ups, charities and industry organizations, and continue to be an executive team member for a global leadership development firm. His expertise spans a myriad of industries including technology, health care, banking, insurance, hospitality, retail, real estate, restaurant and event management.

About Hone

Hone is the management and people skills solution for modern teams.

We founded Hone after personally experiencing the need for better leadership and manager development, as executives in hyper-growth companies and culture consultants to hundreds of organizations across dozens of industries. Hone brings together the latest in leadership and management research, learning science, top instructors, and a unique technology platform to create a world-class, live online leadership development experience that is more accessible and measurable than ever before.

🎉 🎉 🎉  Just Launched! Transform your senior leaders with training as dynamic as they are.

Just Launched!

Transform your senior leaders with training as dynamic as they are.