Dominique Hollins, Business operations leader and workplace equity thought leader

Beyond Optics: Driving Meaningful DEI Strategy

Thursday, June 17th, 2021 10AM PT

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Class Details

As the month of both LGBTQIA+ Pride and Juneteenth, June is a time for rapturous celebration and deep reflection -- as well as an opportunity to re-evaluate the integrity of our workplace’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. While June creates space for us to engage in important conversations about race, sexual orientation, and gender identity, these conversations are only a starting place: in order to truly address workplace racism and bias, we need to move beyond words and into year-round, sustainable action.

In honor of LGBT+ Pride Month and Juneteenth, please join us on Thursday, June 17th for a discussion on how organizations can create and implement meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies in the workplace through cultural moments.

What We'll Cover

Key Takeaways

    • The history of Pride and Juneteenth.

    • Why awareness and commemorative days should be recognized in the workplace.

    • How to honor and celebrate these events -- and, if you haven’t before, where to begin.

    • How to design a DEI program that creates genuine impact all year round.

    • How to make your DEI programs more inclusive by expanding them to include gender and sexuality in addition to race.

About Our Speakers

Beyond Optics: Driving Meaningful DEI Strategy

Dominique Hollins

Hone Facilitator & Workplace Equity Expert

Dominique Hollins is a Hone facilitator, business operations leader and a workplace equity expert. With over 12 years of experience in the technology and financial services industries, she has provided guidance and coaching to executive leaders and professionals within North America, Germany and the United Kingdom. Dominique has worked at Google, eBay, is the co-founder of Our Collective in partnership with the Kapor Center and is the Founder and CEO of WĒ360, a workplace equity consulting firm. Dominique was recently inducted in the 2019 class of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen and is dedicated to personal and professional growth through human connection.

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