Introducing Hone Membership

Live Training Platform - Hone

Hone was founded in 2018 with the vision to combine the best of live human training with the power of a technology platform to deliver a uniquely impactful learning experience. Focusing on manager training, we were able to launch successful, global deployments to hundreds of managers at companies like Rosetta Stone, GoFundMe and Casper with glowing reviews.

But we wanted to go further. One of our founding principles is that world-class leadership and people skills training should be accessible to all, not just certain people at top companies. That’s why we are launching Hone Membership.

For the first time, Hone Membership allows anyone to sign up for unlimited small-group training classes from world-class experts, live over Zoom. Topics include manager fundamentals, coaching, diversity and inclusion, leading through difficult times and more. Learners pick the classes they want, show up for 60-90 mins of live, interactive learning, and leave with new skills. Think Peloton for corporate training.

Hone Membership is the first educational platform that provides the live learning that’s needed for discussion, practice and feedback on these topics, coupled with the scale, convenience and analytics of a platform. For learners and organizations, it’s more accessible, effective, engaging than any other live training solution.

We’re proud to support all professionals with this new product through the unique leadership challenges of our times, honoring our mission to empower anyone, anywhere to lead and thrive in the future of work.

We invite you to try it out for free and I’d personally love to hear your feedback at [email protected]!