The Benefits & Advantages of Coaching for Employees

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The Benefits & Advantages of Coaching for Employees

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Growing into a team lead or managerial role adds a big responsibility to your plate: Coaching employees to success.

Contrary to popular opinion, coaching requires more than giving your advice or managing your direct report’s workload. Among other things, we teach coaching to include:

  • Setting goals with direct reports
  • Working through project gridlock or uncertainty
  • Fostering continual learning
  • Facilitating career development
  • Helping direct reports improve efficiency

It’s a lot. And you may wonder: What’s in it for me? 

Turns out, coaching your team benefits you too. Here’s how.

Coaching Result: Your direct report feels heard

Benefit To You: Increased trust in your leadership

Employees engage when they feel heard. If your direct report feels you understand them, they’ll feel more confident in your leadership and more willing to work under your direction as a result. You’ll trust each other’s judgement and avoid unnecessary conflict. You’ll build a relationship on trust.

Coaching Result: Your team learns to fish

Benefit To You: Your job gets easier

Give your team a fish, they eat for a day. Teach your team to fish, they eat for a lifetime.

Coaching gives your direct reports the tools they need to independently solve problems and achieve goals. Your life gets easier as a result. Your team becomes more autonomous and confident. You can set bigger and more complex goals. And you can coach direct reports on increasingly higher touchpoints.

Coaching Result: Your conversations are multiplied

Benefit To You: You become recognized for your coaching

Employees will pick up and then apply the things they learn in your coaching sessions. They’ll begin to work thoughtful questions into their own work conversations. Congratulations: You’ve taught your direct report how to think creatively and coach others.

Doing so means you’re instilling your coaching style across your organization. You’ve made your mark — and helped develop new leaders in the process.

Coaching Result: Your team is more effective

Benefit To You: Your team is more effective

This one is straightforward. When you coach, you teach others how to work more effectively and creatively.

You’ll start seeing your direct reports find new ways of thinking. They may come up with great ideas no one had considered before. That’s the beauty of teams. When team members improve, your whole team levels up its performance.

Try It Out: Coaching Employees

Familiarize yourself with the GROW method of coaching employees. Before your next 1:1, write out three open-ended questions from the GROW method. Use them to provoke creative thought on how to solve a problem.

Pro tip: Make one of them the amplifying question, And what else?  

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