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Hone is the all-in-one talent development platform based on small-group, expert led, live virtual classes. We make it easy to deploy, manage, and measure live online training at scale with modular content options across Manager Training, DEI, Wellbeing, and more.

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We help companies thrive by blending live cohort-based classes, a powerful behavior change platform, and a rich admin experience.
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Our company has been growing quickly, and Hone made it easy to roll out impactful and engaging manager and DEI training at scale across our international teams.

The caliber of training and coaches is unparalleled, and we love how each class challenges your thinking and creates the space to reflect and deeply internalize the material.

Allie Morton, Human Resources Program Manager at Ekata

Engaging, effective, and scalable training

Modern leadership means leading in a more inclusive, flexible, and compassionate way. Hone teaches transformational leadership skills at scale through:


High-impact classes

Cutting-edge content tailored to your organization, then delivered by experts in cohort-based classes for live coaching, peer learning, and feedback.

Intuitive learner portal

From 180 assessments to companion content to ongoing coach support, Hone’s Learner Portal creates lasting behavior change with integrated assessments and challenges.

Robust admin platform

Make scaling simple with centralized management, communications, and scheduling. Measure impact with analytics, and integrate data with your existing tools.
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Diverse topics, tailored curriculum

Our curriculum spans the employee lifecycle, from interview skills to development and growth.

Want to align your case studies to real-life work challenges? Our learning experience team can help tailor your program to your company’s needs.

Blended learning for your hybrid teams

Learning isn’t a one time event, but a continuous journey that requires reinforcement and practice. We start with a 180 manager assessment, then curate annual programs composed of live cohort-based classes — where your learners will receive immediate feedback from expert coaches and peers.

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Training at your scale, powered by technology

Whether you need to train thousands of people around the globe or a handful of employees, Hone’s admin platform makes scaling live, online training effortless.

How we stack up

Our engagement and impact speak for themselves

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Live, expert-led experiences are still one of the most compelling ways to learn.

Hone’s innovative platform has the potential to unleash expert and instructor-led training in a highly scalable, engaging, and modern way.

Josh Bersin, Founder and CEO, The Josh Bersin Company

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