60 minutes


Hone Your Team’s Skills and Help Them Learn Anything Better

What's covered

Nearly everyone wants to improve their skills, but study after study reveals that our intuitions about what it takes to improve are often spectacularly wrong. Popular ideas around learning may be holding back your progress.

In this class, you will learn strategies for how to help your team build their skills, no matter what they are, with the limited time they have each week to focus on self-improvement.

This course will help you better understand how information intake and memory work so that you can help your team extract more long-term value from every learning experience.



Meet our speakers

Alex Khurgin

Alex Khurgin

Principal Learning Experience Designer

Alex Khurgin is the Principal Learning Experience Designer at Hone. Prior to Hone, he founded The Action Company, a team of creatives, scientists, and technologists who study how best to help people succeed in the workplace and the marketplace. Alex also developed adaptive learning at leading ed-tech company Knewton and spent 7 years developing and evangelizing Grovo's approach to microlearning. Alex is among the industry's most passionate proponents of innovative enterprise learning and has presented his insights at conferences such as Techweek, DevLearn, ATD, CLO Innovators and more. Alex graduated with a BA in Philosophy from Amherst College and lives in New York City.


About Hone

Hone is the management and people skills solution for modern teams.

We founded Hone after personally experiencing the need for better leadership and manager development, as executives in hyper-growth companies and culture consultants to hundreds of organizations across dozens of industries. Hone brings together the latest in leadership and management research, learning science, top instructors, and a unique technology platform to create a world-class, live online leadership development experience that is more accessible and measurable than ever before.

🎉 🎉 🎉  Just Launched! Transform your senior leaders with training as dynamic as they are.

Just Launched!

Transform your senior leaders with training as dynamic as they are.