This is The Most Important L&D Metric to Secure Budget and Prove ROI

by Danica Tiu

In Hone’s latest Learning Leaders event, we sat down with Dearborn to better understand how modern L&D teams can prove the impact of their programs using cutting-edge behavioral change metrics.

How The Pandemic Changed L&D for The Better

The rapid shift to a distributed workforce in an era of uncertainty, as well as the emotional intelligence needed to keep teams and businesses healthy, have given L&D a chance to shine

Why You Need to Ditch Traditional L&D Metrics 

Instead of focusing on preliminary metrics, Dearborn urges you to go even further. Ask yourself what outcomes you're trying to achieve and find a way to measure success in a way that aligns more closely to those goals.

Why Behavioral Change Should Be Your Most Important KPI

Trying to earn more credibility with your stakeholders? You have to think like they do, then appeal to their motivations. Ask yourself: what is the outcome our business wants? Often, this centers around tangible behavioral change in your business. 

"Marrying business impact results with learning deliverable results will give you more credibility with the business. That’s how to have a conversation about how you’re not wasting time" -Dearborn