6 Ways L&D Leaders Can Create a Thriving Company Culture

by Sam Levine

Dr. Martin Seligman's PERMAH flourishing model outlines the six elements that make up our individual well-being – positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, and health.

1. Positive Emotion

1. Create daily moments of joy by playing your favorite song or sharing a virtual cup of coffee with a coworker before checking emails. 2. Spend time getting to know your team outside of work 3. Start weekly team meetings by sharing good news.

2. Engagement

Engagement is our own familiarity with our unique skill sets and those of the people around us. When employees play to their strengths, everyone wins.

3. Relationships

When employees feel the support and trust of their team and manager, they can feel more connected and motivated at work.

4. Meaning

Today’s employees want a job to be more than just a paycheck. They want a sense of connection to something bigger than themselves.

5. Accomplishment

A sense of accomplishment and achievement plays a crucial role in job satisfaction. In order to have a strong sense of workplace well-being, employees need to know and hear that their work matters and makes a difference at your company.

6. Health

Lastly, our physical health plays a huge role in our well-being. When we eat well, stay active, and prioritize sleep, our bodies and minds stay healthy so we are ready to take on the workday.

For L&D teams, the PERMAH model can help identify gaps in your manager training programs and inspire ideas of ongoing learning programs.

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