How To Reclaim your Well-Being During COVID-19

by Alex Khurgin

The biggest barrier to leading a more fulfilling life is ourselves. Our negative thoughts reframe our challenges and make problems seem insurmountable. 

The Power of Negativity

The human brain uses negative emotions to keep us safe. But, sometimes our emotions can get in our way.

Keep negativity from getting the best of us through a combination of resilience, reframing, and antifragility.


Impacted by: • Genetics • Resources • Thoughts

“Resilience is learning how to navigate struggle well. It doesn't take away the struggle"  -Louis Alloro


“One of the ways we reframe things is by getting honest about the things we are most afraid of" -Valorie Burton


"What is the learning in this experience or struggle for me?"

Antifragility means being able to work through struggle more efficiently. 

What Does This Mean for Managers Leading Through Change?

The people you lead are looking to and depending on your guidance.

Be candid, but reframe the challenge and use it as an opportunity to find and use your team's strengths to pull forward.

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