Managing Hybrid Teams: 4 Things to Watch Out For

by Danica Tiu

Managing an in-person team is hard enough, but managing a hybrid team comes with its own set of unique problems. 

1. Trouble Communicating

How to Solve Communication Issues for Hybrid Teams: 1. Have Regular Check-ins 2. Have The Right Tools

2. Feeling Disconnected

How to Ensure Hybrid Employees Feel Connected to Their Teams and The Company Mission:  1. Regularly recognize employee contributions 2. Set cascading goals

3. Feeling Lonely

How to Ensure Hybrid Employees Socialize with The Rest of The Team: 1. Plan remote-first team activities 2. Schedule facetime 3. Provide a remote/hybrid work stipend

4. Working Too Much

How to Encourage Hybrid Employees to Prioritize Work-Life Balance:  1. Encourage them to take time off 2. Lead by example

While managing remote or hybrid teams can be challenging, it can also be very rewarding for your managers and your business. But, in order to reap the benefits, your managers need to be properly trained on how to support, coach, and manage their teams from afar.