7 Ways Your Company Can Invest in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

by Sam Levine

#1 Commit to Diverse Hiring Practices

Building a diverse company starts with attracting diverse talent

#2 Educate Employees

Teach employees how to be mindful of others in the workplace and speak up against injustice.

#3 Create Employee Resource Groups

ERGs help address the needs of underrepresented groups in the workplace

#4 Invest in Employee Growth

Help employees hone existing skills and learn new ones, like leadership and team management.

#5 Audit Your Internal Policies

Look at existing policies and ensure they are inclusive to everyone, regardless of race, gender, or ability

#6 Build an Inclusive Office Space

Design and build an office space where employees feel comfortable and cared for.

#7 Have Inclusive Company Holidays

Consider adopting a flexible time-off policy so employees can take the time off they need to celebrate with family

If employees are scared to be their true selves at work or don’t feel their voices are valued, they might be reluctant to speak up, share ideas, and volunteer for projects. This can also lead to an increase in absenteeism, burnout, and ultimately turnover, which can be costly for your organization.  Investing in diversity and inclusion (D&I) is proven to positively impact business performance. When workplaces build an inclusive team and community that embraces diversity, they see increases in innovation and revenue, according to this Harvard Business Review study. That’s why investing in diversity and inclusion should be a priority for any organization. Managers need to appreciate the unique characteristics of everyone on their teams. By leading with vulnerability, empathy, and solidarity, managers can ensure employees from all walks of life feel valued and appreciated at work.  Here’s a look at how managers can use these three skills to build an inclusive team and workplace culture.

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