How to Transform Your Career in the New Year

by Sam Levine

2021 can be your year!

Well that was a rocky start! We had big ideas of how 2021 might be different, but that doesn’t mean we know how it’s going to end. 2021 can be your year to be intentional about your future and find a career you’re passionate about.

1. Define your heart's desire

To find a career that emotionally fulfills you, you must start by defining your values and want to achieve in your personal or professional life – or your “heart’s desire,” as Dearing calls it. These goals are unique to you and can’t be defined by anyone other than yourself.

2. Perform a self-assessment

This self-assessment framework, developed by Andrew Grove, requires you to evaluate your signature strengths, challenges (or weaknesses), and then draw an important message from them to determine how you can use and improve your skills to unlock the next level of your career.

3. Make a prescription plan

Try your hand at creating a multi-step prescription plan that gives you micro-goals and new ways to invest in yourself, your skills, your knowledge, and your career.

It’s up to you to hold yourself accountable and follow through with your prescription plan. You can follow these steps whenever your goals change to update them and stay on track to build the career of your dreams in 2021 and beyond.

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