How To Train Remote Teams

by Alex Khurgin

The New Norm

Thanks to COVID-19, in-person professional development is on hold for the foreseeable future. Here's how you can make your remote training program more engaging and effective.

How To Make Remote Team Training Engaging

It’s difficult to make workplace training engaging. Here’s how you can keep things light, fresh, and personable in your virtual classes: 

Through Learning Experience

Keep sessions short • Interact with attendees every 3-5      minutes • Ask questions before presenting   material • Present material in bite-sized steps • Combine sessions into 3-4 session   sprints

Through Facilitation

• Call people by their name • Have a "camera-on" expectation • Set the ground rules for interaction up   front • Make sure everyone is participating • Pop into breakout rooms to see how   conversations are going

Through L&D and People Leadership

• Get participant buy-in • Focus on the change you’re aiming for • Encourage leaders to show up to   training sessions • Keep classes small

How To Make Remote Team Training Effective

Ineffective workplace training sessions don’t lead to long-term memory and procedural knowledge retention. You need to teach employees new habits and hold them accountable for what they learned.

Through Learning Experience

• Target behaviors, not topics • Focus on procedural rather than   declarative knowledge • Have learners make commitments at   the end of each live session • Split learners into accountability   groups of 2-4 • Assign capstone projects

Through Facilitation

• Start class with a review of previous   materials • Check-in on commitments at the   beginning of each session • Get people to share their capstones • Invest in virtual facilitator training

Through L&D and People Leadership

• Clarify behavior expectations and   KPIs • Tie training to "moments of need" • Stay engaged

While the switch from in-person professional development to virtual can seem intimidating, it can be done. With some effort, your workplace training can be more effective than in-person training.

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