How to Train Managers in Conflict Resolution: A Science-Backed Approach

by Sam Levine

Workplace conflict will inevitably arise in any organization. But when it does, your managers need to be trained to quickly and efficiently resolve issues, have difficult conversations, and help fix damaged working relationships.

1. Positive Emotion

In order to resolve a workplace issue, you must first understand its root cause. Active listening and asking powerful questions can help your managers quickly diagnose a conflict and gather the information they need to move towards a resolution.

2. Choose a Conflict Style

The Dual Concern Model: 5 Ways to Address Conflicts 1. Collaborate 2. Compromise 3. Compete 4. Accommodate 5. Avoid

3. Recap, Request, Re-Evaluate

The last step in the Hone conflict model is when a manager will explicitly address the conflict. This step has three parts:  1. recap  2. request 3. re-evaluate.

How we respond to conflict often determines whether the outcome is positive or negative.  In short, you want your team to understand how to turn issues into opportunities for innovation and for collaboration