How to Overcome Your Resistance to Change in The Workplace

by Danica Tiu

In the modern world and workplace, change is happening more and more frequently, which means that a company’s survival depends on its ability to embrace innovation.  

The 3 Biggest Barriers to Leading Change Effectively

Change is rarely met without some form of resistance. It usually comes in one of three forms:  1. Company Leaders 2. People 3. Processes

Reacting to Resistance: The 4F’s

- In fight mode, you actively resist change. - In flight mode, you actively avoid change. - In freeze mode, you might not take any action at all. - In fawn mode, you just want the person proposing the change to be happy.

Taking Charge of How You React to Change in The Workplace

By controlling your emotional response, you can take a more deliberate approach to: 1. Tune in to our response. 2. Breathe. 3. Shift your response.

Will we let our emotions get the best of us? Or show up with an open mind and a thoughtful response? That’s our choice.