How to Improve Diversity and Inclusion from the Top Down and Bottom Up

by Danica Tiu

Six in 10 employers say diversity and inclusion is a top priority for their company. And while we’d love for that number to be 10 out of 10, it’s a good start.

Where does your organization stand?

– Does your organization have a stated D&I commitment? – Does your company have a dedicated D&I team? – Has every manager and employee within your organization been trained on how to integrate D&I practices into their day-to-day role?

A 360 Degree Approach to D&I

While many companies make grandiose claims to improve their organizations and hire employees with flashy DEIB titles, the true measure of success for these DEIB initiatives is whether they impact the very people they are set out to help: your employees.

Improving Diversity from the Top Down

Investing in DEIB at the highest levels of your organization means getting executive buy-in for a strategy -- and commitment to doing the work.

Investing in DEIB from the Bottom Up

many organizations are committing to diverse hiring slates for new roles, creating minority mentorship programs, and investing in employee’s professional development.

Keep Momentum Going

a little positive reinforcement goes a long way: for instance, you can create celebratory programs where you honor leaders who are actively making their workplaces more inclusive

Taking a stance on diversity and inclusion (D&I) is easy, but taking action is what ultimately drives meaningful change and brings us one step closer to equality.