How to improve asynchronous communication for hybrid work

by Danica Tiu

Looking to improve your asynchronous communication in time for the hybrid workplace? We’ve shared our five top tips for communicating and engaging dispersed and hybrid teams asynchronously. 

1. Invest in an instant messaging solution

 Invest in an alternative messaging app, like Slack or Microsoft Teams, to allow your employees to send quick, casual communications. 

2. Record meetings

In order to navigate tricky time zones and still reach your employees, you can record your meetings and send the recording to everyone on your team.

3. Schedule Regular Face-Time

 From daily stand up to monthly department meetings to company all-hands, ensure you’re routinely coming together as a team to collaborate and communicate. 

4. Use project management tools to keep everyone on-task

Project management tools, like Asana or, make it easy for everyone on your team to have a high-level overview of completed and upcoming projects and tasks.

5. Be intentional with your writing

Ensuring your messages are detailed and share all relevant context can help reduce confusion and get you an answer to your question or request faster

Employee development should be top of mind for all companies, regardless of whether their employees are in the office or working from home.