How to Build an Anti-Racist Workplace

by Sam Levine

While introducing diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives can make a lasting difference to your organization, it is no longer enough just to focus on righting internal inequality and injustice. 

What is the difference between a “do no harm” and being “anti-racist”? 

A “do no harm” company is one that just “checks the box” when it comes to diversity. An “anti-racist” company goes a step further to dismantle workplace inequities by truly prioritizing anti-racist policies and behaviors within its team and organizational structure. 

How can your company become anti-racist?

While there aren’t formal steps to take, a good place to start is admitting what you don’t know, actively working to deepen your awareness, and taking responsibility for how you show up as an ally to your employees and your community.

You should strive to become such a strong example of an anti-racist workplace that groups that perpetuate hate despise your company and the way you treat your employees.