How to be an Active Ally in the Workplace 

by Sam Levine

What does it mean to be an "ally?"

An ally is someone who might not necessarily be a part of a minority group, but supports their cause and takes action to help them achieve justice and equality.

Performative allyship vs. effective allyship

Performative allyship is when you say that you are an ally, but your actions don’t back up your words. Active allyship, on the other hand, is taking action and following through until you reach your desired outcome. 

How to be an Ally

1. Listen

Start to expose yourself to communities or social circles outside of your own. Listen to the discussion, get an understanding of the issues and challenges facing people who are different than yourself, and start thinking how you can help.

2. Reach out

If you see or hear someone say something that resonates with you, reach out and have a conversation with them. Invite them to grab a coffee and get to learn more.

3. Make mistakes

We’re not saying go intentionally make mistakes, but it’s inevitable that you will make a few mistakes along the way. Take advice in stride, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving toward the goal you seek.

4. Take action

Define what you stand for and then act on it.

5. Embrace the uncomfortable

Speaking up, calling out inequality, and fighting the status quo can be uncomfortable at times. 

In order to fight inequality and make our society and workplaces better and safer for everyone, we need everyone to take a stand for what they believe in. 

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