5 Key Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

by Danica Tiu

it’s up to you as learning and development professional, people ops manager, or team manager to ensure every employee feels seen, recognized, and valued on your team.

1. Employee Recognition

A survey by Bonusly, an employee recognition software company, revealed that 82% of employees said recognition at work makes them happy.

2. Company & Individual Goals

3 out of 4 employees don’t understand what their company is trying to achieve, which can have significant negative consequences on employee motivation, job satisfaction, and engagement. 

3. Build Trust

Building trust – especially with remote employees – takes time. Consistency is key to proving to your employees that their manager cares about them and is willing to make their needs, comfort, and concerns a top priority.

4. Ask for Feedback

Feedback is a two-way street. Just like how your employees want to know what they’re doing well or what they could improve on, your managers should want to know the same. The best way to learn? Have them ask their team! 

5. Invest in Their Professional Growth

When employees feel they’re learning new skills or have the opportunity to grow their careers, they can imagine a future at your organization and stay motivated to meet and exceed performance expectations.

Engaged employees often stay with your company longer and perform better than unengaged talent. With managers impacting so much of the employee experience, it really comes down to their ability to rise to the occasion and ensure every member of their team feels valued, heard, and wanted.