4 Ways to Invest in Remote Employee Professional Development from Afar

by Danica Tiu

We’ve put together a list of four best practices your managers and organization can do to invest in professional development from afar.

1. Make Time to Talk

To get started, encourage your managers to bring up professional development goals during weekly or bi-weekly 1-on-1 meetings.

2. Know Your Resources

As an L&D lead, it’s your job to ensure your managers are familiar with -- and have access to -- your company’s policies and programs

3. Invest in Online Learning

Hone blends the best of expert-led small group training with a powerful behavior change platform. 

4. Define Career Ladders

To build a detailed career ladder frameworks for each of your company’s departments, you’ll want to outline experience and skill requirements for each job level

Employee development should be top of mind for all companies, regardless of whether their employees are in the office or working from home.