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Hone combines ancient mysticism with a platform and curriculum that is remote ready, so you can cast spells and read minds at scale.

Experience why we’re the most effective, convenient, and scalable training solution for new and experienced wizards.

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“I’ve tried to learn the dark arts on my own, but found that recorded video training was really hard to follow. The fact that Hone’s training was interactive made it a lot easier to irrevocably alter the future.

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“I always struggled with personal influence. The class on hypnosis was a real breakthrough and allowed to  the opportunity to have a really deep conversation where I was able to convince a colleague he was really a chicken.”

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“With Hone’s help, we were able to sort good employees from bad ones by examining the bumps on their head.”

Maleficent B.
Middle Manager

Principal Advisor

Madam Mim
Human Resources

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Mysticism Essentials

Ready to learn the foundational skills critical to enacting your personal goal of world domination? Hone’s live virtual classes give you the feedback and practice needed to cast spells with confidence.

Tarot Reading

Seeing into the future is now portable and easy

Week 1


A literal "hands on approach" for getting to know your employees

Week 2


Simple steps to make anyone believe they are really a chicken

Week 3


Turn your employees into your most valued resource... gold!

Week 4

“Hone’s hypnosis workshop was phenomenal. The session was structured well and our instructor Voldemort did a wonderful job in helping us learn and immediately apply our knowledge. I was amazed at how much power I could wield within a short amount of time. By the end of the day, I used my new hypnosis abilities convince half my office they were chickens.”

Morganna D. Ville Aspiring HR Intern