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Hone Membership gives you the space to learn from experts, practice with peers, and gain immediate feedback to level up your leadership.

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Individual Training

Leadership takes practice

Whether you are a new manager or looking to hone your skills, we have a class that’s right for you.

New manager training

First time leading? We’ve got you covered. Our curriculum covers the 12 highest-impact competencies of modern leadership, including tactical productivity guidance and strategies to create high performing teams.

Business presentation

Modern leadership skills

Work has changed. Leadership needs to evolve too. From diversity and inclusion to managing conflict, modern leaders need to be inclusive, flexible, and compassionate — and, given the rise of distributed work, great communicators to boot.

Practice makes progress

Did you know adults retain just 10% of what they hear in lectures, but ⅔ when we learn by doing? Our classes give you the space to practice new skills with peers — and expand your network of curious, growth-oriented people while you’re at it.

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How it works

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Pick your classes

Choose from a catalog of group classes, broader masterclasses, or curated learning tracks.

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Learn live with experts

Each Hone class is a chance to meet new people, expand your network, and practice new skills with peers.


Step 3

Measure progress

We capture commitments, remind you to take action, and track your progress as you grow.


“Hone’s Microagressions workshop was phenomenal. The session was structured well and our host Adriana did a wonderful job leading active discussions. I was amazed at how much genuine conversation was spurred and how vulnerable people were in that context. Because the discussions were centered around our questions/stories, I think we were all able to take something from them. I learned a lot more about my teammates and came away with some new perspectives on issues I thought I fully understood. Even over Zoom, I felt that this workshop was just as (if not more) effective than live-person trainings at Google, my previous company.”

Warfa Jibril Investment Associate

The best managers aren't built in a day.
They are taught. They are coached.
They are Hone'd.

Access unlimited live classes for $99/month