Ebooks & Reports

5 Tactics for Stress-Free Performance Reviews
We hope you’ll use and share these 5 ‘right now’ tactics, developed by Hone, to take this year’s performance reviews from stressful to successful.
Investing in Your Future: How to Measure the ROI of Manager Training Programs
Business leaders must understand the value and impact training has on your company’s bottom line. Our Learning Strategists created a comprehensive research-based playbook to empower you with the metrics, data, and stakeholder alignment you need to tell your ROI impact story. 
The New Model of Live, Cohort-Based Leadership Development Report
In this report, The Josh Bersin Company unpacks how the definition of leadership has evolved, the leadership capabilities that matter most, and how cohort-based leadership development and digitally enabled synchronous learning experiences can support today’s leaders.
Managing Remote Teams
We created the ebook, Managing Remote Teams, based on our personal experience leading our own remote-first organization and through coaching hundreds of organizations who lead remote teams. In this book, we discuss how to address the challenges of leading remote teams and how to keep remote workers engaged and thriving in their careers.
Build an Anti-Racist Workplace
In How to Build an Anti-Racist Workplace we share the strategies of diversity, equality, & inclusion (DEI) experts Dominique Hollins, Alexandria Butler, Lily Zheng, Karen Fleshman, and Jared Karol. In this ebook, we discuss the state of racism in the modern workplace and what companies can do to create an anti-racist culture where everybody feels they belong and can thrive.