Coach spotlight

Tomomi Kotani

Tomomi Kotani is CEO of Seize The Day Corp. that provides Organization and Human Resource Development services. Leadership Training is one of the main business and she develops and delivers leadership programs for large multinational companies to enhance leadership capability and presence of managers. She also provides organization development consulting that enhances organizational performance by supporting to build a strong team, define vision and mission, and strengthen leadership skills of executives.

As an executive coach, she provides leadership coaching for executives of multinational companies. Before becoming a coach, she worked for Intel for more than 15 years. As Chief of Staff of the President Office of Intel Japan, she directly supported the president to determine and manage organizational priorities, objectives, and strategies. She developed all the president’s keynote speeches to communicate Intel Japan‘s vision and strategy for both internal and external audiences. She was also in charge of employee communication to convey strategic messages from the Intel executives and Intel Japan President. She is also a dedicated professional with more than 10 years of experience in improving employee productivity and efficiency. She led a transformation in working styles of employees including the management team by maximization of IT utilization and also led many projects for resource optimization and system development & implementation at Asia wide.